acrylic on panel

90 x 55 cm install v lowres.jpg

acrylic and white emulsion on panels, migrant labour

52 x 1320 cm

oil and acrylic on wall

193 x 112 cm, 193 x 181 cm, 193 x 112 cm 2.jpg

emulsion on panel

70 x 90 cm for a triptych LR.jpg
Untitled (Study for a Triptych)

oil on three canvases

50 x 50 x 50 cm
Nocturne VII

oil and acrylic on panel

60 x 68 cm vlr.jpg

oil and acrylic on panels

60 x 1170 cm

acrylic on wall

60 x 67 cm (Blind Gallery 2) LR.jpg
Untitled (Study for a Blind Gallery)

acrylic and oil on drywall with metal support

75 x 75 cm
Untitled (Study for a Corner)

oil on drywall with metal stud support

110 x 120 x 180 cm (4 hours) a.jpg
Untitled (4 hours of work with staff at the house of Frances Reynolds Marinho, Rio de Janeiro; paid @ UK m/wage, 6.70 GBP; Google x-rate provided by Citibank NA: 139.6459094 BRL on 25.3.16)

pencil and acrylic on drywall with metal stud support

90 x 96 cm painting.jpg
Untitled (Study for a Wall Painting)

acrylic on wall

40 x 40 cm